OpenGL Pipelined Project

Project started at Sterling Systems. Project was started with intention of learning OpenGL. Starting with core Fix function pipeline to higher  version of shaders.

My machine overheated  because of my heavy graphics processing (sending lots VBOs). First time in life i damaged hardware by my code, my machine BSOD’ed me since then i had my laptop serviced thrice but no change. I am not able to do graphics on my machine for now. May be this time i will buy a good badass PC with badass GC.

Below OpenGL projects are in queue and are expected to completed by couple of months after i get new PC, Hope so.


city using instancing feature of OpenGL






small castle attacked by fireball.


gone wrong somewhere during texture mapping



In this project i want to prepare a sunrise experience using OpenGL shaders. I have sorted out some good music to fit in.

Initial Setup 1


Height Map gone wrong


Race Car

normal car may be with car driving capability



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